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Rhinoceros Security Locksmith


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Rhinoceros Security, Locks & Locksmiths, San Francisco, CA

Rhinoceros Security

Taking Good Care Of You

Specializing in excellent customer service.


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Locksmith Service


Serving all of San Francisco including :

    Golden Gate Park
    Jordan Park
    Laurel Heights
    Lake Street
    Lone Mountain
    Outer Richmond
    Sacramento Street
    Sea Cliff
    Irving Street
    Golden Gate Heights
    Outer, Central & Inner Sunset
    Ingleside Heights
    Lake Shore
    Merced Heights
    Diamond Heights
    Forest Hill
    Ingleside Terrace
    St. Francis Wood
    Twin Peaks
    West Portal
    Buena Vista Park
    Cole Valley
    Corona Heights
    Dolores Park
    Glen Park
    Haight Ashbury
    Noe Valley
    Twin Peaks
    Alamo Square
    Hayes Valley
    Lower Pacific Heights
    Western Addition
    Cow Hollow
    Pacific Heights
    Presidio Heights
    Financial District
    Nob Hill
    North Beach
    North Waterfront
    Russian Hill
    Telegraph Hill
    Union Square
    Van Ness/Civic Center
    Bernal Heights
    Dog Patch
    Inner Mission
    Mission Bay
    Potrero Hill
    South Beach
    South of Market (SOMA)



Specializing In:

  • lockouts
  • Installs, service, and repairs.
  • Tumbler changes, re-keying, and master keying.
  • Key-less entry and access control.
  • Emergency service: If your keys to apartment or home are missing call now at 415-751-2087
  • High security and restricted keys.
  • Dead Bolts
  • Keys by code

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